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The intersection of your business.

Embrace evidence-based business tools and techniques.

The intersection of research, technology, and patient assumptions makes the delivery of healthcare services increasingly complex, challenging, and competitive. However, employing evidence-based business techniques and tools enables healthcare organizations reach new levels of possibility.

By embracing evidence-based business tools and techniques you can increase your efficiency and effectiveness while reducing cost. Adopting an agile mindset while utilizing evidence-based business tools and techniques is essential to competing in today's healthcare environment. Assisting your employees and equipping them with intelligent tools to drive smarter, insight-driven healthcare puts patients first and foremost.

With deep end-to-end expertise across the healthcare practitioner, payer, and public health landscape and deep cross-industry experience, we inject real-world, practical, thinking to elevate healthcare services and improve your economic outcome. We'll assist you in modernizing, working with cross-functional partners and dispatch expeditious future-ready care.

A Pragmatic Approach to Value.

We take a never ending approach and focus on value in designing transformative improvements. We help clients drive quickly toward pragmatic demonstrations of value, with rapid implementation, real-time adjustments, and robust performance tracking.
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Focus on sustainability from the start.

In order to succeed, clinical operations transformations need to address from the beginning short-term performance and longer-term mindset and behavior challenges. While every transformation project reflects the client's culture and starting point, we focus on three elements of sustainability in all efforts: frontline ownership, leadership for change, and performance management.


Clinicians speaking to clinicians.

Most of our consultants have extensive clinical backgrounds and work directly with client clinicians. This helps establish real credibility in the clinical operations setting and differs from other well known management consultancies. We understand that a clinician fresh out of school or residency probably isn't the best choice to advise your business.


Alignment with the strategic vision.

By engaging and aligning individuals horizontally and vertically our operations projects are an extension of our clients' overall strategic vision.

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Frontline ownership.

Frontline ownership, rooted in capability building. Frontline staff lead huddles, redesign processes, and roll out solutions. Our consultants mainly act as facilitators and coaches. Mentoring, formal training programs, and on-the-job skill building leave staff engaged, solution-oriented, and ready to lead improvements beyond the scope of the project. At one countries health system, we helped build deep capabilities and shift the narrative from focusing on the short-term value to focusing on the short & long-term, sustainable, value through quantitative and qualitative analysis, evidence-based business tools and techniques coupled with one-to-one feedback.

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Leadership for Change.

We work directly with frontline and administrative leaders to build their own capabilities in coaching and modeling the mindsets that will ensure successful and lasting transformational change.

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Performance management.

We help clients design and construct daily performance dashboards to share quality, efficiency, financial, and satisfaction outcomes, ensuring a continued focus on what matters. These dashboards are tools for frontline staff and managers alike, making performance management a part of the institutional culture.


Ziphealthy partners with health systems to provide solutions for developing a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability.

Performance Improvement.

Our consultants help healthcare providers achieve and sustain robust clinical, healthcare workforce management, operational, and financial results.

Revenue Cycle.

Ziphealthy supports revenue cycle clarity and results through technology optimization, performance improvement, and business process outsourcing.

Health Systems Financial Analysis.

Ziphealthy consultants conduct health systems operating margin and financial analysis.

Healthcare Value.

We help clients adopt value-enhancing innovations to ensure affordable healthcare.

Integrated Care.

We help clients improve health outcomes by designing and implementing integrated care solutions.

National Health Systems.

We help national health systems fundamentally improve health outcomes, working with clients to expand access to health services, improve the quality of care, use resources more effectively, and deliver better patient experiences.

Organizational Excellence.

We help healthcare clients improve their organizational health so they can improve their performance.

Human capital.

In an industry as labor-intensive as healthcare, success requires a strong human capital strategy. Performance management, talent recruitment and retention, workforce productivity and role design, benefits management, and leadership development are all crucial.

Provider Performance.

We help clinics implement strategies, operating models, and organizational enhancements that sustain improvements in quality of care and boost cost effectiveness.

Information Technology Strategy.

We help healthcare organizations use technology to enhance analytic capability, increase operational transparency, and improve healthcare delivery.

Technology Partnership.

We work closely with top partners in technology to ensure top delivery and reliability.